Bradford Enviroseal and NCC 2019 Improve Building Health in Australian Construction Industry

For the first time the National Construction Code 2019 has included requirements to manage condensation risk in residential and commercial buildings. The new requirement will make vapour permeable wall wraps such as Bradford Enviroseal a compliant solution in colder climates to minimise mould growth and improve building health.

In cold regions, well insulated homes have exceptional thermal performance, however, internally generated moisture can easily accumulate within the home and turn into condensation. If condensation forms inside the wall or roof cavity, it becomes difficult to dry and can be absorbed into the timber frame leading to mould growth and decay.

By installing Bradford Enviroseal and complying with the new NCC 2019 regulations, it allows water vapour to safely escape the home and minimises risk of liquid water related damage in buildings.

25 Aug 2019

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New air infiltration experiments show that wall wrap can significantly improve the energy efficiency of a home. Download the Wall Wrap Research article for more information.

A highly vapour permeable, tough, light duty wall wrap for use as a sarking in timber and steel frame wall construction.