Ashgrid Roof Spacer System

Ashgrid system on pitched roof with ceiling. Create spec at DesignSmart.

The Bradford Roof Spacer System raises the roof sheet above the purlin, creating a defined space between the safety mesh and the roof sheet for the building insulation.

The Ashgrid Spacer System consists of galvanised bars and supporting brackets pre-assembled in one metre sections. The system features the innovative Safe-Loc™ bar connection, providing stability and peace of mind at the click of a tab. This prevents the Ashgrid bars from separating during the installation process, for precise gauging and quicker installation. Once engaged, the bar ends cannot be accidentally separated though the joints can be ‘unlocked’ if the need arises.


Minimum energy efficiency standards for commercial buildings are now mandatory in the Building Code of Australia (BCA) and insulation plays a key role in achieving these requirements. Improvements in insulation also contribute to reductions in energy use which is a critical factor in Green Star accreditation.

Choosing the right building insulation also offers additional benefits to the occupants through the control of condensation, dampening noise and controlling heat flow in & out of the building. Critical to this selection process is the consideration of inorganic fibrous insulation which is deemed to be non-combustible and does not increase the fuel load in the building.

To achieve the required BCA Section J thermal insulation values, it is critical that the interface between the roof system and the building insulation be considered during the design phase. Key to this design consideration is allowing the correct amount of space under the roof sheet to ensure that the building insulation can recover to its design thickness and provide its rated insulation value. Failure to provide sufficient space will result in compression of the building insulation and degradation of its performance characteristics.

To ensure your projects meet the required levels of thermal performance, Bradford has introduced a Roof Spacer System in a range of sizes to suit all BCA building types and climate zones, including cyclonic regions. The Roof Spacer System raises the roof sheet above the purlin, creating a defined space between the safety mesh and the roof sheet for the building insulation.

To ensure the full recovery of the building insulation thickness, Bradford Roof Spacer System heights correspond to specifically developed Anticon insulation blankets designed to meet the BCA Section J requirements.

Features and Benefits

  • Able to achieve BCA compliant Total R-Value (RT) when used in conjunction with approved building insulation blankets
  • Rated for use in cyclonic regions across the full range of bracket heights (full wind tunnel test results available upon request)
  • New release Ashgrid brackets are fitted with pre-loaded 12-14 x 30 Buildex tek screws which are tightly fitted into a rubber retainer to enhance thermal break and also to help in substantially reducing installation time. Screws suit all applications up to and including 2.5mm thick purlins and are corrosion resistant coated (Climaseal 3) to AS3566-1 as well as being FM Global approved.
  • Four screws per 1.2m length are still all that is needed, meaning fewer screws per lineal metre are needed to assemble compared to other competitor spacing products.
  • Available in a range of bracket heights to ensure the building insulation recovers to its full design thickness in accordance with BCA specifications
  • Safe-Loc™ spigots ensure fast, secure and safe bar joints, as well as providing continuous load transfer throughout the bar run
  • High performance brackets with deeper ribs provide improved structural performance and can be easily repositioned on site to suit roof/roof light requirements
  • Compatible with both pierce fixed and concealed fixed roofing systems without the need for end caps or plugs
  • Extensively used in Europe providing peace of mind for installers and specifiers for many years.
Designed specifically for metal roofs, Bradford Anticon combines Bradford glasswool blanket with an impermeable foil facing, that protects your home from the condensation that can form under metal roofs.
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