SpacerX Roof Spacer System

Bradford SpacerX is a patented roof spacer system for concealed fixed roofs. SpacerX improves speed of construction by allowing the spacer and the concealed roof clip to be assembled with only 3 screws per 700mm bar (screws not included).

Suitable for non-cyclonic commercial roofing applications, SpacerX is available in 4 sizes; 40mm, 60mm, 80mm and 120mm to suit the full range of Anticon roofing blankets to help achieve the required BCA total roof system R-Value. SpacerX is sold as an easy-to-carry pack of 10 with no cardboard packaging waste.

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Fastest Roof Spacer for Concealed Fixed Roofs
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Installation time comparison

A comparative study was conducted by CSR Bradford to compare the installation time required to install the SpacerX system against four other roof spacer systems in the commercial roofing market;

  • Ashgrid
  • Roof Razor™
  • Roof Rack®
  • Aldeck

All systems were installed as per the manufacturer’s recommendations for a metal roof with concealed fixed roof cladding in a controlled environment by two experienced roofers. The comparison study conditions are:

  • Roof area: 96m2
  • Number of workers: 2
  • Number of purlins: 9
  • Purlin lengths: 10m
  • Purlin spacing: 1.2m
  • Safety Mesh: pre-installed
  • Insulation: pre-installed

Installation Time Comparison Results

Materials and time recorded to install each roof spacer system over a roof area of 96m2.

Total spacer bars Total concealed fixed clips Total fasteners installed Total Install Time Time Differential
SpacerX 135 135 405 51 mins
Ashgrid 90 135 765 72 mins + 21 mins
Roof Razor™ 90 135 945 72 mins + 21 mins
Roof Rack® 135 135 810 79 mins1 + 28 mins
Aldeck 135 135 945 80 mins2 + 29 mins

1. Roof Rack system was pre-assembled with concealed fixed clips on-site prior to installation onto the roof area. Total install time includes time required to pre-assemble the clips.
2. Aldeck system was pre-assembled with concealed fixed clips off-site prior to day of installation. For this installation time comparison, an assumed time period of 31:18 mins (based on pre-assemble time for Roof Rack) was added to the total install time.

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SpacerX is the fastest spacer system for concealed fixed metal roofs, view our case study to learn more.
Designed specifically for metal roofs, Bradford Anticon combines Bradford glasswool blanket with an impermeable foil facing, that protects buildings from the condensation that can form under metal roofs.