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CSR Bradford has a wide range of products covering insulation for residential and commercial/industrial uses, solar, hot water, ventilation, and sarking. Here's some videos to explain the benefits and use of those products.

Don't be trapped in a home that feels like an oven - get an Odyssey!

An energy efficient Odyssey system completely replaces the air in your home 4-5 times an hour with cool fresh evening air from outside, and costs as little as $35 a year to run.

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Ask your builder for Thermoseal Wall Wrap

Thermoseal Wall Wrap is a protective weather barrier that’s wrapped around your home as it’s being built. Wall Wrap allows tradies to start working inside before bricks and cladding are installed. When the external walls are finished Wall Wrap becomes a Protective Second Skin improving the comfort and energy efficiency of your home. Wall Wrap can help reduce draughts, help reduce moisture entry and can provide a radiant heat barrier when used adjacent to an air cavity.

More information? See Thermoseal Wall Wrap


Controlling Condensation with Bradford Enviroseal

Enviroseal roof sarking and wall wrap is a vapour permeable product that allows water vapour to pass through it, whilst preventing the entry of liquid water and dust from outside. When used in colder climates where there is more moisture inside the home than outside, it allows moisture in the air to pass through the membrane before condensing to water (condensation) safely on the outside of the building frame where it does not damage the home.

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The Benefits of Bradford Thermoseal

Thermoseal reflective foil roof sarking and wall wrap is a non-permeable, vapour barrier product designed to reduce the transmission of moisture into the home and contribute a reflective air gap R-Value to the roof system when positioned adjacent to an inward or outward facing air cavity.

More information? See Bradford Thermoseal


Walt from Healthy Homes TV gives you a beginners guide to home solar systems

Thinking about getting a home solar panel and want to understand the technology and be aware of the pitfalls? Check out this simple guide to home solar systems from Walt at Healthy Homes TV and watch the installation of a 10kW system with Bradford Solar.

Bradford Solar is a Clean Energy Council approved retailer and offers a warranty on our systems backed by CSR, a proud Australian manufacturer with a history stretching back nearly 160 years.

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Installing Optimo Underfloor Insulation - Healthy Homes TV segment

Optimo underfloor insulation can make a big difference to the comfort & energy efficiency of your home. Join Walt Collins from Healthy Homes TV and Cori from TrueBuild Carpentry on Channel Ten as they demonstrate installing Optimo rel="noopener noreferrer" in your underfloor.

More information? See Bradford Optimo


The Benefits of Roof Sarking

Improve the comfort of your home and protect the things you value with Bradford Thermoseal roof sarking - a protective second skin for your house.

What’s so good about roof sarking? Bradford Thermoseal roof sarking improves the comfort of your home by:

  • increasing the thermal insulation performance of your roof
  • giving extra protection from storm driven rain and dust
  • helping your roof insulation to work more effectively
  • providing compliance to BAL bush fire ember attacks requirements, in accordance with AS3959

More information? See Thermoseal


Bradford RapidWrap - Timelapse Video

RapidWrap is a patented suspended frame scaffolding system that allows a two person installation team to complete a full two storey wrap in ½ a day without the need for existing scaffolding.

By weatherising the house, internal trades can start earlier and speed of construction is improved by reducing the impact of delays in exterior trades and inclement weather.

More information? See RapidWrap


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