Behind the Walls: Alisa and Lysandra Fraser Highlight the Importance of Insulation for Comfortable Living

Behind the Walls: The Design Duo on the Importance of Insulation for Comfortable Living

Home comfort stories

Home comfort story 

In their latest project, the Design Duo of Alisa and Lysandra Fraser have created a luxury Gold Coast home that not only showcases style and sophistication but also prioritises optimal comfort in every aspect. Collaborating with Bradford Insulation the sisters have ensured that the Paradise Point home sets a new benchmark for luxurious living.

In their comfort zone

When it comes to building prestige homes, it’s all about experience and know-how. Block ‘royalty’ and interior designers, Alisa and Lysandra Fraser, have been creating beautifully designed properties ever since their win on The Block back in 2013.

Known as The Design Duo, their latest project is one of their most ambitious yet: a bespoke four-bedroom family home in Paradise Point, on Queensland’s Gold Coast. Positioned on a double block of land on the water, the house faced extra challenges because of its exposed location. The sunny Gold Coast climate can be harsh for families looking for comfortable living!

The twins worked with Bradford Insulation to create a future-proof home that is also comfortable throughout. As well as luxury details in all the fixtures and fittings, the house included the best quality insulation for both thermal and acoustic reasons.

Alisa and Lysandra chose a variety of Bradford products for the build, including Enviroseal wall wrap, Bradford’s Gold Hi Performance External Wall Batts, SoundScreen, Gold Ceiling Batts and Anticon Roof insulation.

“We love working with CSR,” says Lysandra. “They are reputable and reliable with high-quality products and exceptional customer service, which aligns with our values of delivering top-notch results to our clients.”

About the build

Generous in scale, but not intimidating, the Paradise Point home is different from many of its neighbours. Built in an urban/industrial style, the owners wanted a modern, sleek design that would provide plenty of space for their family to grow and thrive.

“We worked closely with the family to understand their vision and needs, incorporating features like an open-plan layout, large windows for natural light, and a mix of natural and industrial materials to create a sophisticated and contemporary feel,” says Lysandra.

“It stands out in all the right ways. When people drive past they slow down and often stop and have a look, because it is over two blocks. It’s not over the top and imposing because we kept it at one level. But it certainly it captures everybody’s attention as they walk past that is for sure.”

Energy saving

Adding premium insulation products to the walls and ceiling will make a big difference to the temperature of the house – all year round – and provide considerable savings on energy bills.

“Insulation plays a crucial role in maintaining a comfortable temperature inside the home by reducing heat transfer, and in a warm climate such as the Gold Coast, proper insulation is particularly important to keep the home cool and energy efficient,” says Lysandra.

“I think a lot of people don’t give a lot of thought about what’s behind the walls,” she adds. “They want to see the end product and how pretty it looks, but insulation is so important. Obviously with the climate they have, if they don’t have correct insulation, their heating and cooling bills are going to skyrocket, but it’s not just the insulation side of it, it’s the acoustic side of it as well.”

The twins chose Bradford’s high-performance Gold Wall Insulation Batts for the walls, which is a premium product, but say the extra investment is well worth it and only a small incremental cost that is quite low in the scheme of a prestige build such as this one.

“There is a lot to it, but using a premium product at the very start behind those walls will save on all the electricity bills down the track,” says Lysandra. “It is something that people really don’t give a lot of thought to, but they probably should.”

Sounding off

Lysandra adds that she is always impressed by the large range of different kinds of products offered by Bradford, including SoundScreen, which is high-density acoustic insulation designed to reduce unwanted noise transferring through internal walls and mid floors. 

She says that acoustic insulation can also add to the overall luxurious feel of a space by improving acoustics and reducing noise pollution.

The house includes a home theatre, so it was important to insulate the room with SoundScreen, so family members could enjoy their entertainment without disturbing the rest of the house. Acoustic insulation is a premium product, but Lysandra says it’s totally worth the extra spend.

“The use of CSR’s SoundScreen product in the home theatre not only provides insulation, but also enhances the immersive experience of the room by controlling sound and echoes,” she explains.

Lysandra says that the house was designed in a way to separate areas into little pockets for privacy and noise reduction, but the SoundScreen adds an extra dimension.

“The house has wings, which are designed to reduce noise, but when you’re walking in the front door you have the theatre to the right and having that space soundproofed means you can shut the doors and have something playing while somebody’s in the kitchen. Being able to cook or entertain without being affected by what’s going on in there is really important.”

Condensation control

In a humid climate such as the Gold Coast, condensation control was centre of mind for Alisa and Lysandra, which is why they chose Anticon Roof Insulation and Enviroseal™ RW Plus Wall Wrap as part of the build.

Bradford Anticon installed directly underneath metal roof sheets can reduce the risk of condensation from forming. Approved by the National Asthma Council’s Sensitive Choice® Program, it’s recommended for asthma and allergy sufferers.

Enviroseal™ Wall Wraps are perfect for new builds in all climates. They are additional layers of protection that shield homes from water-related weather damage, mould or rot, and minimise hot and cold draughts. Wall wraps can also provide an extra level of comfort to a home by keeping it warmer in winter or cooler in summer and prevent wall stains and decay from moisture build up.

Interested in insulation?

If you are inspired by Alisa and Lysandra’s latest project, take a look at Bradford’s Home Comfort Hub, which has everything you need to make your house comfortable and energy-efficient.



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