Planning a quiet, comfortable new home.

Planning a quiet, comfortable new home.

Home Comfort Tip

Imagine building a new home where you and your family can live together in peace and quiet without disturbing each other whether you are working, playing or sleeping.

How noise annoys

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A common internal acoustic issue within a home is sound transmitting through internal walls. A standard internal wall that separates two rooms will normally be constructed with a timber frame and a thin layer of plasterboard on each side. When this type of lightweight internal wall is left empty it can become a vulnerable part of the construction. If lightweight internal walls are left empty, acoustic issues are likely to be realised when homeowners move in and by this time it’s too late to apply a cost-effective acoustic solution.

Take control of unwanted noise

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The easiest and most cost-effective way to minimise unwanted noise through standard internal walls is to fill the empty space in the wall frame with acoustic insulation. This can make a big difference to the feel of a home by adding a noticeable level of peace and quiet.

Bradford SoundScreen is a high-density acoustic insulation that’s specially engineered for internal walls in new homes. Including SoundScreen around noise affected rooms will effectively reduce loud noises to a whisper and ensure harmonious living.

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Bradford SoundScreen is surprisingly inexpensive. Many builders offer SoundScreen upgrades from as little as $400 a room, making it one of the most cost-effective new home upgrades.

SoundScreen acoustic insulation can only be installed during construction, so the timing for a decision on including it is critical. The best time to ensure your designer or builder includes the right level of acoustic insulation in your new home is before you start building.

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