We are Australia’s leading insulation manufacturer

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Did you know that we run 7 manufacturing plants around Australia? Glasswool Insulation plants in Sydney and Brisbane, Polyester Insulation plants in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, a Sarking and Wall Wrap plant in Melbourne, and a Ventilation plant in Sydney.

Manufacturing locally allows us to promote local jobs, support local communities and provide quick responses to project orders and customised products.

Australian made with recycled materials - Sky News

Watch our Executive General Manager Anthony Tannous on Sky News. Anthony speaks with Jon Dee from Smart Money on how our glasswool insulation is made.

Each year, by working closely with local recyclers, we use up to 30,000 tonnes of waste glass to manufacture our glasswool insulation. This process reduces landfill, reduces the demand on our natural resources, and requires less energy in the manufacturing process.

Our history

Bradford has been making insulation in Australia since 1934. Insulation was first made from recycled materials using waste slag from steel manufacturing. After being acquired in the 1950's by CSR limited, recycled glasswool insulation was introduced in the early 1970s. Read more.

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14 May 2020