Don't overlook the underfloor

Optimo the final piece of the puzzle


Bradford Optimo™ is the ultimate in underfloor insulation for homes built suspended from the ground. Often the underfloor has been overlooked as an area where heat can come in or out of the home. Homes with well-insulated ceilings and walls can still be losing as much as 15-20% of their heating and cooling energy use through their suspended timber sub-floor costing the homeowner money.

Optimo insulation can be easily fitted in an existing home or used in a home extension or new build construction.

In an existing home, the insulation is installed from underneath the house, between the floor joists, fixed in place with Optimo straps. The insulation has been developed so it is rigid enough to friction fit in place between the joists but soft enough to be easily manipulated and installed.

In a new build construction, Optimo can be installed from above before the floor is laid. Optimo saddles are placed along the floor joists every 500m, and the insulation is positioned between the floor joists on the saddles for support. Once the entire floor space has been insulated, the flooring can be installed.

Sound can enter your home anywhere that air is also able to enter so that external noise can be transferred through your floor. Optimo is manufactured from glasswool making it an excellent sound absorber. Bradford Optimo can reduce sound transmission through the floor by up to 6dB. Not only will it help reduce noise entering your home from outside, but it will also dampen the sound of foot traffic on timber floors.

Glasswool is also a very popular insulation material for fire protection in buildings, as it is non- combustible when tested to AS1530.1, This means that it will not ignite or contribute to the spread of flame. This is good news for any home in bushfire prone areas, as installing Optimo could save vital minutes in the event of a fire.

A confident home handyperson will find Optimo is an easy product to install and provide a lifetime of benefits, making a more energy efficient home and creating a comfortable living space.

01 Jun 2018

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