Bradford Gold Ceiling Insulation

Bradford Gold ceiling insulation can reduce your energy bills for heating and cooling by up to 45%.

Uninsulated homes can lose up to 35% of the heat through the ceilings in winter and around the same amount of heat can also enter in during summer. Bradford Gold ceiling insulation batts acts as a thermal barrier to slow down temperature change to the inside of your home, keeping you and your family comfortable for longer.

Play it smart with Bradford Gold

  • Made for Australian conditions
  • Reduces heat transfers in your home
  • Improved comfort all year round
  • Saves on energy costs
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions
  • Low allergen
  • Meets the highest Australian insulation standards
  • 70 year performance warranty
  • Environmentally sound, made from up to 80% recycled glass
  • 100% bio-soluble
  • Non combustible
  • Backed by CSR - serving Australia since 1855
  • Bradford is Australia's most trusted insulation company for 80 years

The Bock Contestants 2020 - Daniel & Jade - Bradford Gold Hi- Performance Insulation 

Gold Hi Performance insulation was installed to achieve high levels of thermal comfort and energy efficiency.

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About Bradford Gold Ceiling Batts

Bradford Gold Insulation

Bradford Gold ceiling insulation batts are typically installed when you’re building a new home or during renovations. However they can also be retrofitted to an existing home, as long as there is access to the ceiling space.

Manufactured from recycled glass, Bradford Gold is made up of very thin glass fibres that are spun like fairy floss to create millions of air pockets. These air pockets are poor conductors of heat or cold air, hence they are very effective at trapping the air inside the batts to keep your home cosy.

An R-value is the universal unit of measurement to rate the level of thermal resistance in insulation batts. The higher the R-Value the more effective the insulation is at trapping the air. Bradford Gold ceiling batts are available in R-Values from R2.5 - R4.1, which suit a variety of climate zones around Australia. Available in 430mm and 580mm widths, which are the two ceiling joist widths for 99% of Australian homes.

With almost 40% of your energy bill coming directly from heating and cooling your home, it’s worthwhile to consider how to insulate your home best. Insulation is now considered essential to keeping inside temperatures comfortable all year round and making your home more energy efficient. As a general rule, if installed properly you will only have to do it once in your home, during construction or when you’re renovating. At Bradford, we believe that if you’re going to only do it once you should do it right by using the best materials and with the best technology.

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