Thermoseal Roof Sarking

Thermoseal Roof Sarking is a protective second skin under your roof, installed when building a house, doing home extensions, a home renovation or roof restoration.

Thermoseal reflective foil roof sarking is a non-permeable, vapour barrier product designed to reduce the transmission of moisture into the home and contribute a reflective air gap R-Value to the roof system when positioned to adjacent to an inward or outward facing air cavity. It is positioned under your roof during installation by the builder and is rolled out in sections either parallel or perpendicular to the eaves with an overlap between each layer.

Roof sarking will protect the frame of your house from the weather during construction. When your home is completed, sarking will protect your roof cavity from storm driven rain and dust, improve its thermal performance and help it resist bushfire ember attack.

Thermoseal roof sarking is recommended for use in warmer climates where they provide insulation against radiant heat and reduce the flow of water vapour from the outside environment into the home.*

*If the membrane is to provide a continuous vapour barrier, all joins, penetrations and discontinuities should be sealed.

Features and benefits

Complete your roof & get the performance benefits of Thermoseal sarking

Benefits once your home is complete:

  • Protects your home from wind driven rain and dust ingress, creating a protective second skin in the event of storm damage to your roof;
  • Reduces draughts entering the roof space, allowing insulation to work more effectively which ultimately improves the energy efficiency of your home;
  • Contributes a reflective R-Value which improves the overall thermal insulation value of the roof structure when positioned adjacent to
    an air cavity;
  • Provides compliance to BAL bush fire ember attack requirements in accordance with AS3959 by providing a secondary form of ember protection for the roof space – all products comply with a flammability index of less than or equal to 5 when tested in accordance with AS1530.2.

Benefits during construction of your home:

  • Protects the building structure from the elements prior to the application of the roof tiles, which limits water damage to internal structural components;
  • Improves on-site work flow efficiency by allowing some internal trades to commence work before the roof tiles are applied.

Key product features:

  • Improves the R-Value of the roof system by contributing a reflective air-gap R-Value – this can be up to RT1.8 (summer heat flow down down)
  • Reduces the transmission of water vapour through the building structure*
  • Improves energy efficiency by reducing draughts allowing insulation to work more effectively
  • Protects the building frame from decay by reducing the entry of wind driven rain and dust.

*If the membrane is to provide a continuous vapour barrier, all joins, penetrations and discontinuities should be sealed.

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