Acoustic insulation for new homes

Building a new home is a perfect time to consider future home comfort and think about screening out unwanted noise.

The way we live in and design homes has changed, noise travels easily in the modern home. Acoustic insulation is an important consideration when you are thinking about home comfort.


Many factors affect noise levels in today’s modern house:

  • The trend towards lighter construction materials 
  • Open plan living 
  • Medium density construction 
  • Popularity of hard tile or timber floors 
  • More powerful entertainment systems 
  • Kids living at home for longer.

The trend toward open living spaces, home theatres and working from home are examples of how controlling noise in the home is important, it can really affect liveability. If you’ve ever lived in a home where you can hear all the noise from the kids bedrooms while you’re trying to get some sleep, or noise from the home theatre room disrupting peace and quiet of the home office, then you will recognise how important it is to use acoustic insulation to control internal household noise.

Keep your home comfortable by reducing unwanted external and internal noise with acoustic insulation.

Acoustic insulation is a dense insulation that can absorb sound power and therefore reduce noise transfer between rooms. It is a good idea to include acoustic insulation in the internal walls around noisy rooms such as laundries, bathrooms, home theatres and playrooms, but also include them around rooms that you want to create quiet zones such as the study or bedrooms. Acoustic insulation can be used in the mid floor of two storey homes to reduce the noises from upstairs coming downstairs and vice versa. For a lot of homes you only have one chance to include acoustic insulation and that’s at the time of construction.

Installing SoundScreen acoustic insulation in in internal walls in the home, or mid floor in double story homes, can effectively reduce noise transfer by up to 75% to create a quiet and peaceful home.
Designed to reduce heat transfer through the roof of your home, improving your home’s comfort and energy efficiency. Can reduce your energy bills for heating and cooling by up to 45%.
Bradford Polymax thermal ceiling batts are designed to maximise comfort and save energy by keeping your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer.
Bradford Polymax thermal wall batts are designed to maximise comfort and save energy by keeping your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer.
Designed specifically for metal roofs, Bradford Anticon combines Bradford glasswool blanket with an impermeable foil facing, that protects your home from the condensation that can form under metal roofs.
Boasting the highest available insulation levels – with R-Values of R5.0 and R7.0 – Bradford Gold Hi-Performance provides the ultimate in comfort and energy efficiency for your family.
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