For home comfort choose Bradford

Bradford offers a comprehensive range of products that will help you relax in a quieter, healthier, more comfortable home that’s also economical to run and less reliant on expensive heating and cooling.

Bradford’s whole-of-home approach will keep you cooler in summer and warmer in winter, and save energy all year round.

Taking the steps towards a healthy, comfortable home are easy with Bradford. You can choose from thermal and acoustic insulation to wall wraps and roof sarking.

With Bradford your home will be protected from the outside elements – allowing for a more comfortable energy efficient home all year round.



Bradford Gold Hi-Performance

The smart choice is gold.

Insulation acts as a barrier to heat flow. The amount and type of thermal insulation in your home can really affect how comfortable your home is all year round, it will also determine how often you need to use expensive air conditioning or heating.

When you’re thinking about ceiling and external wall insulation, Bradford Gold insulation offers the highest R-Value in Australia and provides the ultimate in comfort and energy efficiency. The higher the R-Value, the better the resistance to heat. The higher the R-Value, the less energy you need to heat or cool your home.


Bradford SoundScreen

You’ll call it heaven.

Nothing beats peace and quiet. That’s why acoustic insulation is an important consideration when you’re thinking about home comfort. Bradford SoundScreen really is Australia’s most popular and trusted acoustic insulation because it really screens out unwanted noise. Keep your home comfortable by reducing unwanted external and internal noise with acoustic insulation.

A Protective Second Skin 

Bradford Thermoseal

Your roof is not complete without sarking.

Bradford Thermoseal wall wrap and roof sarking products act as a protective Second Skin for your home. They keep you comfortable by protecting your home from wind-driven rain and dust, as well as helping your insulation work more efficiently. Seal in that comfort with a Second Skin weather barrier. Recommended in warmer climates.

Wrap Up Against the Elements

Bradford Enviroseal ProctorWrap

Say goodbye to moisture by allowing your building to breathe.

Your home needs to breathe in order to maximise comfort. Enviroseal wall wrap and roof sarking products are highly vapour permeable, allowing moisture to pass through whilst keeping liquid out. Recommended for colder climates.

Metal Roof Insulation

Bradford Anticon

Right at home under australian roofs.

If your new home incorporates a metal roof then you should consider installing Bradford Anticon insulation to ensure it performs at its best. Bradford Anticon is a glasswool insulation blanket faced with a reflective foil laminate, in other words it turns a good roof into a great one, both stylish and functional. With Anticon you can reduce unwanted airborne noise, reflect 95% of radiant heat, control condensation and add fire protection.

Bradford provides a number of other different products which help improve comfort in your home, including the fitting of sub-floor insulation, Bradford Ventilation's roof ventilation and solar energy systems. These additional energy saving and home comfort products can be quoted for at the same time as your initial insulation enquiry.

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Heating & cooling account for around 38% of a typical home's energy use. Bradford's systems can help improve your energy efficiency. More >

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Bradford’s Optimo™ is the highest rated underfloor insulation for suspended timber floors, keeping homes warmer and reducing energy costs through winter.
A highly vapour permeable, tough, light duty wall wrap for use as a sarking in timber and steel frame wall construction.
Multi-layered non-permeable membrane specially made for residential roofs to help insulation work more efficiently and protect the things you value from storm driven rain and dust, condensation and bush fire ember attack.