Worried that insulation will make your home a hotbox in summer?

Worried that insulation will make your home a hotbox in summer?

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Bradford's scientists bust the hotbox myth to prove that insulation will keep your home comfortable & energy efficient year-round. See our experiment now.

A question we get asked often: Will insulation make my home a hotbox in summer?

The simple answer is: no.

CSR Bradford recently ran an experiment to test the “hotbox myth” – the idea that in summer, insulation will trap heat inside your house and turn it into a hotbox. We built three identically sized boxes and on a hot day, filled them each with a bucket of ice.

One box was uninsulated – like nearly a million homes in Australia still are. One box had Bradford’s Thermoseal wall wrap. And one had Bradford’s Gold wall batts.

Bradford scientists bust the hotbox myth
Each box had an equal amount of ice

The hot air quickly infiltrated the uninsulated box, heating up the air and melted the ice. Over two hours, the temperature in the uninsulated box went from 29ºC to 35ºC, while the insulated box actually cooled to 26ºC, because the glasswool insulation trapped the cool air inside and kept the warm air outside.

Bradford proves the home hot box theory wrong and for all
Over time, the insulated box temperature dropped

You can read about the whole experiment here, and watch our video which shows the whole process:

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