Insulate your home from noise & cold like reno masters Three Birds

Insulate your home from noise & cold like reno masters Three Birds

Home comfort stories

Home comfort story

What do the queens of the renovation game choose when they're building their own forever home? Bradford Insulation. Find out what they thought of it.

What do you choose when building your "forever home"? If you're one of the Three Birds, you know you need to choose comfort at the right moment to ensure your home feels as good as it looks. Lana Taylor made the choice to work with Bradford on her three storey house Santorini-inspired renovation of her family home - Three Birds House 6.

Frankly, the house is stunning. Every detail has been seen to with meticulous care and amazing taste, creating a home that will truly be forever for Lana and her growing family.

Keeping noise in its place with SoundScreen acoustic insulation

Bradford's SoundScreen - Australia's highest rated acoustic insulation - was one of the Bradford products used in the project. This acoustic product reduces noise that may invade your sanctuary from outside, or travel between rooms inside the house, making it especially popular among families. The Three Birds stated that they had “fallen in love with” the product as it not only cancels out the noise, but also insulates against the cold.

Lana says

One of the intangibles that I have really noticed since moving back into the renovated house with my family is the importance of having made those decisions while building to properly insulate the home.

Since we've moved back in the weather has turned cold and we've really noticed how much more comfortable the home is to live in. The decisions we made around creating the right temperature and environment in the home was some of the best money spent in our whole renovation

Protecting your forever home with Enviroseal

Three Birds also used Bradford’s Enviroseal roof sarking to protect the newly built roof space from condensation. While the roof sarking and insulation may not be a visible part of the trendy all-white house, it is key to the building a healthy, comfortable and energy efficient house.  Enviroseal roof sarking protects the building frame from decay, by limiting dust, water and wind from entering the house. It also adds to the insulation factor, protecting the house from the cold.

Watch: Episode 2, with Lana's amazing bathroom & the installation of SoundScreen

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This beautiful rel="noopener noreferrer" home also featured other CSR rel="noopener noreferrer" products, including:

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Installing SoundScreen acoustic insulation in in internal walls in the home, or mid floor in double story homes, can effectively reduce noise transfer by up to 75% to create a quiet and peaceful home.
A high tensile roof underlay designed to reduce the risk of condensation damage and weather related water entry in the roof.