Fire protection for homes in bushfire zones

Following the Victorian bushfire tragedy, a new residential building standard has been introduced.

Every new home built or renovated must undergo a BAL (Bushfire Attack Level) assessment as part of the application for a building permit.


The site BAL assessment determines the construction methods that must be used to better protect properties from the threat of bushfires. The BAL takes into consideration a number of factors including the Fire Danger Index, the slope of the land, types of surrounding vegetation and its proximity to any building.

A building surveyor will use AS3959 to check compliance with the construction requirements of the standard.

Bradford supply Glasswool, Rockwool , Membranes & ventilation products to comply with these standards.

Key product ranges include the following, please contact Bradford for further details.

Bradford Fireseal™ range offers Rockwool fire protection insulation products specifically designed to meet the BCA fire requirements, as well as Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) rated products for bush fire prone areas.
Bradford Multitel BAL 12.5-40 is used to seal off areas from potential ember ingress in bushfire prone areas.
Designed specifically for metal roofs, Bradford Anticon combines Bradford glasswool blanket with an impermeable foil facing, that protects your home from the condensation that can form under metal roofs.
Multi-layered non-permeable membrane specially made for residential roofs to help insulation work more efficiently and protect the things you value from storm driven rain and dust, condensation and bush fire ember attack.