Martini - Acoustic Polyester

Martini acoustic polyester products offer a wide range of solutions for commercial projects, from wall and ceiling insulation for reducing noise transfer between areas, to decorative absorptive panels to help reduce reverberation and improve the acoustic comfort of a space.


Martini Absorb

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Engineered to provide high-performance sound absorption across a broad range of frequencies. Ideal behind open slatted ceiling systems, perforated panelling and outdoor environmental acoustic applications. Learn more >

Martini Easy Baffle

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Designed to reduce flanking sound transmission through suspended ceiling voids in offices, retail, hospitality, government and community spaces. Ideal in suspended ceiling voids between a concrete slab soffit and the top junction of a plasterboard partition. Learn more >

Martini Prime

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Designed to increase the acoustic and thermal characteristics of high performance plasterboard, masonry and aerated concrete composite wall systems. Ideal for use in apartment walls and ceilings. Learn more >

Martini MAB

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Multi-purpose insulation that comes in a range of densities from 11kg per m3 to 60 kg per m3 and thickness from 25mm to 100mm. It is available in roll and sheet form. Ideal in plasterboard partition wall and suspended ceiling applications. Learn more >

Martini MSB

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Provides sound transmission reduction and thermal performance, reducing noise and heat transfer between rooms. Ideal in plasterboard partition wall and suspended ceiling applications. Learn more >

Martini Absorb
Martini Easy Baffle
Martini Prime
Martini MAB
Martini MSB

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Black Acoustic Insulation for Semi-Exposed Ceilings

The design of a commercial building needs to go beyond aesthetics and incorporate acoustic engineering to ensure the space feels and sounds comfortable.

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