Polyair - Reflective Shed and Garage Insulation

Bradford Polyair™ is a range of thermo reflective insulation products that reduce radiant heat gain in roofs and walls. The products can be used in a range of residential and shed applications.


Cooler on Hot Days, Warmer on Cold Nights

Bradford Polyair products reflect heat, keeping your shed cooler on the hottest days and warmer on the coldest nights. No matter how you use your shed, beat the external weather conditions and keep the inside comfortable.

Cooler on Hot Days, Warmer on Cold Nights

Enjoy Extra Entertainment Space – Imagine the Possibilities

Insulate with Bradford Polyair to future-proof your shed and create the perfect extra entertainment space. Use it for any purpose, anytime.

Enjoy Extra Entertainment Space – Imagine the Possibilities

Protect Your Valuables

Bradford Polyair products act as a secondary weather barrier for your shed. Protecting against heavy rain, strong winds or hail, it also minimises the amount of dust that can enter your shed, helping prevent damage to valuables.

Protect Your Valuables

Easy to Install, Repurpose Your Shed

Whether it is a DIY project or you are getting a tradie to do the work, Bradford Polyair products are easy to install leaving you with a quality finished job everytime.

Easy to Install, Bring Your Shed To Life

Polyair Performa XHD
Polyair Unicell
Polyair Unicell White

Bradford Polyair Performa 4.0 XHD is now rated Group 1 and suitable for use as an exposed wall or ceiling lining in commercial applications.

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