Bradford warrants safety

Australia’s oldest manufacturer of insulation products, Bradford Insulation, offers a warranty on both its product and the installation to ease consumer concern around the potential flammability of insulation and poorly installed product*.

There has been some recent consumer confusion in the market, around the various types of insulation that can be used within the home safely.

Bradford offers a 5 year ceiling installation warranty along with a lifetime warranty on performance and safety of its product . These warranties are available through Bradford’s well established and experienced Comfortchoice Specialist Installer Network.

Bradford can assure Australian households that Bradford Gold glasswool batts and Rockwool SoundScreen do not increase the risk of ceiling fires when installed to Australian standards by well trained installers. The products undergo rigorous safety testing, are non-conductive of electricity and pass all industry fire tests including the stringent AS1530.1 test for non-combustibility*.

Furthermore Bradford has undertaken testing of formaldehyde content in Bradford Gold glasswool batts and the results were below the level of detection and considered insignificant. There is no risk to health from formaldehyde in Bradford batts.

The Federal Government Home Insulation $1200 rebate program has attracted  a large variety of insulation suppliers to the market so consumers need to be sure that the product to be installed meets the appropriate standards, It is also important that the installers can demonstrate that they have received the required training..

If a manufacturer can’t or isn’t willing to provide evidence of the appropriate certification and demonstrated safety performance their product or their installation network, consumers should not invite them into their home to insulate their ceilings.

Bradford Gold glasswool batts and Rockwool SoundScreen are purpose designed for Australian conditions to be safe and effective for the life of the home in all climates from the north of Queensland to the south of Tasmania.

Bradford offers a lifetime product warranty and 5 year installation warranty. The life of the home is taken by Bradford to be 70 years from the date of product installation, for the purpose of this warranty. Bradford R5 & R6 batts are covered by the warranty but do not pass AS1530.1 and must be installed with an allowance for additional space around penetrations.

18 Feb 2010

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