Updates to the National Construction Code 2016

2016 National Construction Code

The 2016 National Construction Code will be adopted on the 1st May 2016. Some of the changes include:

Volume 1 - New ‘Farm Shed’ definition

New ‘Farm Shed’ and ‘Farm Building’ definitions have been added to confirm these structures are classified for compliance under the BCA NCC.

Volume 2 – – Change to Class 10a

The provision has been restructured and amended to clarify that a Class 10a private garage located above or below a Class 1 building is considered to be part of the Class 1 building for the purpose of Part 3.7.2.

Learn about all the changes and get your free copy: http://www.abcb.gov.au/Resources/Publications/NCC/NCC-2016-Complete-Series

21 Mar 2016

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