El Nino on the way, time to keep home heat away

Australia has sweltered under above average temperatures in November. All capital cities have experienced maximum temperatures at least one degree above average. Right across the vast climatic zones of Australia’s eight states, this spring has been hot.

For those without proper insulation and ventilation in their homes, the previous month wasn’t any kinder. Australia-wide temperatures for October were a staggering 2.8 degrees above the monthly average. Even after 100 years of forecasting, this record breaking heat was one of the largest anomalies the Bureau of Meteorology has ever seen.

According to the Bureau, El Nino is settling in for at least the next few months, meaning this summer is likely to be hot. It’s never been more appropriate to think about home comfort in the summer.

Dr Andrew Watkins, Manager of Climate Prediction Services at the Bureau of Meteorology, has explained what El Nino means for you, the sweltering home owner. El Niño is a warming of the water in the Pacific Ocean. “An El Nino moves that warmer water towards South America and drags the weather systems with it. When the clouds and rain move away from Australia, things go dry, and when things go dry, you get bigger high pressure systems over Australia, which means Australia starts to heat up.”

To put things in perspective, the most extreme spike in Australian temperature records came in the last really big El Niño in 1998.

Bradford and Edmonds are here to help you combat the heat this summer

The search for lower cooling costs in your home during sweltering summers is over. Edmonds’ Odyssey is a smart, energy efficient, free air cooling system for your home. It also provides thorough ventilation to remove odours, allergens and freshen the air. During the hotter summer months, Odyssey removes hot stifling air from living areas and replaces the air to create a fresher, cooler environment. Roof space temperatures can rise as high as 70°C, and vents can easily reduce this by 20-30°C, reducing the heat loads on your ceiling insulation and any air conditioning.

Insulation works as a barrier to heat transfer, helping to keep out unwanted heat in summer. Hot summer days build up the heat in the fabric of your home which leads to an increase in the internal temperature. Bradford Insulation can improve your comfort, sealing your home and keeping cooler air inside. Bradford Gold Insulation is made up of very thin glass fibres that are matted together to form millions of air pockets. These air pockets are very poor conductors of heat and resist the flow of air or radiation through the insulation.

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01 Dec 2014

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