Case studies and project updates

Bradford products are used in residential and commercial projects across Australia. Here, we bring you updates on these projects and product implementation.

18 Feb 2019
SpacerX improves speed of construction by allowing the spacer and the concealed fixed roof clip to be assembled with around half the number of fasteners, and is the fastest roof spacer for concealed fixed metal roofs. ...Read
04 Oct 2018
Homes are often missing out on much-needed insulation when undergoing renovations or during construction, creating cold, draughty and uncomfortable spaces. ...Read
19 Jun 2018
The use of non-combustible components in high-rise external facades is critical in preventing the vertical spread of fire, this includes insulation. ...Read
06 Mar 2018
Bradford Supertel is a high performance insulation that’s installed inside HVAC ducts for sound attenuation and thermal resistance. ...Read
26 Sep 2017
Rooftop HVAC units can create an acoustic design challenge for architects, especially when the HVAC units can be heard from neighbouring multi-storey apartments. ...Read
26 Jul 2017
The design of a commercial building needs to go beyond aesthetics and incorporate acoustic engineering to ensure the space feels and sounds comfortable. ...Read