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What is Roof Sarking?

Enviroseal™ roof sarking is an additional layer of protection installed under tiles to minimise weather-related water damage such as wind-driven rain entering the roof cavity. If rain enters the roof it can wet insulation, making it less effective, and cause ceiling staining in plasterboard.

Benefits of Enviroseal Roof Sarking

For the Home Owner

Protect Against Weather-Related Damage

Bradford Enviroseal™ roof sarking provides a secondary protective layer underneath your roof tiles. It minimises wind-driven rain entering the roof space that can potentially cause serious damage such as mould growth in the timber frame or ceiling stains caused by water ingress. Bradford roof sarking is the ideal way to protect your home.

Reduces Risk Of Condensation-Related Mould Growth

Bradford Enviroseal™ roof sarking can minimise the risk of condensation damaging the roof or ceiling space. Enviroseal allows water vapour to pass through it and safely condense on the outside so it doesn’t drip back into the home. By limiting condensation formation it reduces the risk of structural decay or mould growth in the timber frame.

For the Builder

Tough Weather Barrier

Bradford Enviroseal™ roof sarking acts as a secondary drainage path if wind-driven rain enters into the roof space. It can help minimise rectification related work caused by heavy weather damage as water safely drains down into the gutter.

Reduces Risk Of Condensation-Related Rectification Work

Bradford Enviroseal™ vapour permeable roof sarking can minimise the risk of condensation that can lead to damaging mould growth. It allows internally generated water vapour to safely pass through, condense on the outside and drain into the gutter.

The Bock Hosts 2020 - Scotty & Shelley - Bradford Enviroseal Wall wrap and roof sarking 

These homes used Enviroseal, which acts as a protective second skin under the roof from the weather and also reduces the risk of condensation form forming, keeping the homes healthier.

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Enviroseal HTS

Enviroseal HTS

Enviroseal™ HTS is a highly durable, high water hold-out vapour permeable roof underlay for use in residential or commercial tiled, slate and metal roof applications. It has been designed to meet the compulsory and stringent AS/NZS4200.1 requirement for classification as a medium duty membrane for use under tile and metal roofs.

  • Minimises the risk of condensation by allowing internal moisture to escape the home
  • Acts as a tough weather barrier that can help prevent rain damage in roofs
  • Speeds up construction by allowing tradies to access the site before tiles are installed
  • Suitable for BAL regions

Enviroseal Sarking 


Bradford Enviroseal HTS is suitable for use in residential and commercial tile, slate and metal sheet roof construction.

All tiled roofs with a pitch less than 18 degrees must be provided with sarking, regardless of rafter/truss chord length.

Enviroseal HTS metal Enviroseal HTS tile

Product specifications

Product Name Width (mm) Length (m) m2 Per Roll Weight Product Code
Enviroseal HTS Roof Sarking 1500 30 45 8.2 185381
 Enviroseal HTS Roof Sarking-IT 1500 30 45 8.5 190904

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