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Bradford Optimo™ is the ultimate in underfloor insulation for suspended timber floors, keeping homes warmer and reducing energy costs through winter.

Most Australian homes have ceiling insulation and new homes now also include wall insulation which is installed at the time of construction. However, for homes with suspended floors, it is one element of the envelope that may not be insulated and this can contribute to as much as 20% of heat loss in winter. Bradford's Optimo Underfloor insulation is the solution, allowing you to address this neglected area and maximise your home's comfort and energy efficiency.

A polished timber floor looks warm and inviting – but looks can be deceiving. Without insulation, your flooring material is the only thing between you and the elements. Heat can be lost and draughts can enter through the floorboards making your home cold and uncomfortable. Bradford Optimo provides a barrier to reduce heat loss and cold draughts entering through gaps in the flooring.

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Optimo underfloor insulation will provide a barrier to reduce heat loss and cold draughts entering through gaps in the flooring keeping the homes more comfortable and energy efficient.

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Optimo accessories

Depending on whether you are installing Optimo™ in a new or existing home, we have the accessories for you.

Optimo Saddle

Optimo™ Saddles

Bradford Optimo Saddles are designed to hold underfloor insulation in place in new build installation.

R-Value Size (mm) Pieces Per Box Coverage Per Box (m2) Product Code
2.5 90 250 1160 x 415 53 96262
1160 x 565 75

Optimo™ Straps

Optimo Strap

Bradford Optimo Straps are designed as simple friction fits for standard joist spacing's. For odd sized or uneven joist spacing's, or for extra security around plumbing and other obstructions, Optimo Straps assist holding underfloor insulation in place when installing in existing homes.

Once the batts are in place fix Optimo aluminium straps to the underside of the floor joists every 500mm using a galvanised screw or nail. Optimo straps typically come in packs of 250 straps which is enough to cover an area of 53m2 when 415 batts are used and 70m2 for 565mm batts.

Pieces Per Box Coverage Per Box (m2) Product Code
250 1160 x 415 53 95295
1160 x 565 75
Step by step: Using Optimo straps for your underfloor insulation
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