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Bradford Optimo™ is the ultimate in underfloor insulation for suspended timber floors, keeping homes warmer and reducing energy costs through winter.

Most Australian homes have ceiling insulation and new homes now also include wall insulation which is installed at the time of construction. However, for homes with suspended floors, it is one element of the envelope that may not be insulated and this can contribute to as much as 20% of heat loss in winter. Bradford's Optimo Underfloor insulation is the solution, allowing you to address this neglected area and maximise your home's comfort and energy efficiency.

A polished timber floor looks warm and inviting – but looks can be deceiving. Without insulation, your flooring material is the only thing between you and the elements. Heat can be lost and draughts can enter through the floorboards making your home cold and uncomfortable. Bradford Optimo provides a barrier to reduce heat loss and cold draughts entering through gaps in the flooring.

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Optimo underfloor insulation will provide a barrier to reduce heat loss and cold draughts entering through gaps in the flooring keeping the homes more comfortable and energy efficient.

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We love to hear what our customers think of Optimo as they make themselves comfortable all around Australia. If you’d like to leave us a review, please use our contact form. Thanks!


Chris (NSW – DIY Installation).
Easy to install and the impact was noticed straight away. Great product.

Mike (NSW – DIY Installation).
Super easy installation with the Optimo straps. Batts are easily cut and installed. House is now much warmer and quieter.

Andrew (NSW – DIY Installation).
I laid the product underfloor in a raised cabin. I found it very easy to work with and install. It has greatly reduced the rising cold through the floor.

David (NSW – Professional Installation).
My older style house has polished floor boards with many large gaps that would let the breeze through. The underfloor insulation has sealed all the gaps and kept my house significantly warmer in winter.

John (NSW – DIY Installation).
The house is definitely warmer and therefore requires less heating. As a DIY installer, it was difficult in confined spaces (insufficient clearance for professionals). It was, however, worth the effort and I would recommend the product.

Siobhan (NSW – DIY Installation).
We did the install ourselves, and it was very manageable. I would recommend the product as the floor is not longer draughty and is also quieter which is an added benefit for hard floors.

Brian (NSW – DIY Installation).
Did just what I wanted. Helped during the winter with heating bills!

Ben (NSW – DIY Installation).
We had an excellent experience with your company, excellent service and super quick delivery. From ordering, we received the material in less than three days! The product itself was excellent, we DIY'd our insulation and had no real issues installing it (apart from clambering around a very narrow house). As for benefits, we removed the 'thud' from walking on our floorboards. We've also found the house stays cooler and warmer longer.

Monica (NSW – DIY Installation).
We were very happy with the Optimo. My husband installed it on our 2 bedroom new granny flat he was building and it was easy to install and stayed in place perfectly.

Paul (NSW – DIY Installation).
Excellent product and not difficult to install. The underfloor insulation has made a huge difference by keeping the whole house warmer in winter time and cooler in summer time and has reduced the overall costs of heating and cooling significantly.

Jasmine (NSW – DIY Installation).
We purchased two brands of underfloor insulation based on different widths that we required, and the Optimo batts were far superior in terms of ease of installation. They've only just been installed so it is hard to comment on reducing heating requirements or electricity bills, but we have been very pleased so far!

Gordon (NSW – DIY Installation).
I'm doing a renovation and decided to use Optimo for the dual purposes of acoustic and thermal insulation along the northern rooms of my home. The batts are firm and easy to trim with a cutter. 
As I was beneath the house installing I heard the sound of the kids running through the TV room began to noticeably lessen as I covered more of the underfloor area. Once I re-install my home theatre gear I'm sure my neighbours will be appreciative as well. 
In the master bedroom not only is external sound reduced but we've noticed that our underfloor heating doesn't restart as frequently to retain a constant temperature. I'll be getting some more Optimo soon so I can do the southern side of the house too.

David (NSW - DIY Installation).
My floor joists in my old house are non standard spacing, and also vary from one joist to the next. So I had to order the wider batts and trim each one individually to size. I expected this to make the installation process very painful, however I found the optimo insulation very easy to trim and fit. I wore protective clothing and had no issues with fibres.
It has definitely made a difference to the comfort of our house, particularly in the areas where we have exposed floorboards. It is noticeably less drafty, and the house feels warmer and more comfortable as a result.
I only finished the installation just before the start of this winter so it's too early to tell if our heating bills will be reduced much, but from a comfort perspective I'm very glad I installed it.

Michelle (NSW – DIY Installation).
Easy to install, insulation easy to work with. Overall a very good product.

Grahame (NSW – DIY Installation).
Optimo is an excellent product to use for underfloor insulation. It is very uniform in structure and is quite easy to install and holds in place well. Many of our joists were not evenly spaced so the Optimo batts had to be cut to fit which was straight forward with a sharp knife and straight edge. Have not yet completed all underfloor areas but can notice an improvement in floor warmth in areas insulated.

Jaime (NSW – Professional Installation).
Install was relatively easy for my contractors. I believe the insulation helps to regulate the room temperature and noise transfer through my sub floor.


Anthony (VIC – DIY Installation).
Underfloor insulation has made a great difference. The floor always feels warm, and there are no draughts coming through the old floorboards. Installation is really straightforward, even in the tight space under the house. I would definitely recommend this to anyone.

David (VIC – DIY Installation).
This is a great product, easy to install and it has made such a difference to overall comfort and thermal insulation of our home.

Wendy (VIC – DIY Installation).
We live in a coldish area, temps down to 2 degrees and have polished floors throughout our house. Couldn't walk on the floor in winter as it felt like ice, since installing the insulation ourselves we can now walk barefoot comfortably! We should have done it years ago!

Catherine (VIC – DIY Installation).
We live in a very cold area, down to -3 degrees overnight (on occasion). Since installing only 30% of the total square meterage required to insulate our underfloor area, we have noticed an approximate 3 degree temperature increase in corresponding un-heated rooms. We are looking forward to completing the rest of our house!

Graeme (VIC – DIY Installation).
Easy to install and fits snugly between the 450 mm joists in our house. Easy to cut and stay intact when cut. We have noticed the difference already in the temperature in the house, living in a cold area of the state, with installation of the batts. Looking under our house, the batts give a comforting feeling that they are doing their bit.


Rachel (TAS – DIY Installation).
Fast delivery and a fantastic product.

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