Optimo is the highest rated underfloor insulation for suspended timber floors, keeping homes warmer & quieter and reducing energy costs through winter.

A suspended timber floor without insulation can account for as much as 20% of your heat loss in winter. Bradford's Optimo Underfloor insulation is the solution, allowing you to address this neglected area and maximise your home's comfort and energy efficiency.

Benefits include:

  • Keeps your home warmer by retaining the heat, reducing draughts through timber floors
  • Reduces your heating energy use
  • Proven to be acoustically superior to other sub-floor insulation batts, keeping your home quieter.
  • Reduced floor reverberation for a more "solid" feel
  • Simple and easy to install
  • Helps achieve 6 star energy rating and meet VEET requirements
  • Low allergen – National Asthma Council Sensitive Choice® partner
  • Backed by a 70 year product warranty
Delivery Monday to Saturday in metro areas