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Bradford Anticon is foil-faced insulation blanket specifically designed for temperature & noise control in homes and buildings with metal roofs.

It is comprised of a glasswool blanket adhered to an impermeable reinforced reflective foil facing. This reduces radiant heat entering a home during summer, and helps prevent condensation in winter.


Applications of Anticon

Anticon Roofing Blanket is designed to provide efficient thermal insulation and condensation control under metal deck, fiber cement and concrete roofs in residential or commercial applications. The name "Anticon" reflects the anti-condensation function of this product. Combining glasswool and reflective insulation in a single product, Bradford Anticon has been specifically designed to provide superior thermal insulation, noise reduction and condensation control for metal roofs. Anticon is designed to reduce rain and aircraft noise and can also substantially reduce reverberant noise within the building.

Typical Applications include;

  • Residential metal clad roofs.
  • Commercial and Industrial metal clad and fibre cement roofs eg, offices, shopping centres, warehouses etc.
  • Under concrete slabs in carparks.
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