Want just a wrap, or the right wrap? Enviroseal is the wrap builders choose.

Enviroseal™ is the right wrap to control condensation and is suitable for use behind both brick veneer and lightweight clad walls. Enviroseal™ is classified as a water barrier and is a vapour permeable wall wrap in accordance with AS/NZS 4200.1.

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Let your building breathe

Where condensation forms in the building

In an energy efficient airtight building with a conditioned internal environment, moisture is added to the air by the occupants who are showering, cooking and breathing we all expel CO2 which contains moisture). This creates an internal environment with a higher vapour pressure than the outside environment which forces or ‘drives’ the water vapour in the air outward in every direction looking for equilibrium.

As this vapour ‘drive’ occurs and forces moisture toward the cold outer surfaces of the building structure, impermeable materials such as glass, steel, plastic and traditional reflective foil laminates sarking materials cannot allow it to escape. As a result, there is a risk that condensation can form on the inside of the building, just as mist or droplets of condensation form on the inside of a window on a cold night. To minimise this risk, the Enviroseal™ membranes allow moisture to easily pass through the sarking with minimal resistance, allowing any condensation formation to occur on the outside of the building.

Enviroseal – the condensation solution – let your building breathe

Unlike traditional foil faced laminates the high water vapour permeability of the Bradford Enviroseal™ range of vapour permeable membranes allow for the controlled escape of moisture from within a building structure whilst restricting the ingress of liquid water and dust from the outside environment.

Controlling condensation is not necessarily about stopping condensation formation on cold surfaces, it‘s about controlling where on the building envelope it forms. Ideally condensation should form on the outside of the building structure but as insulation becomes more effective at keeping the warmth inside the building envelope, the position of this condensation surface is changing. Enviroseal™ membranes allow the condensation surface to be designed into the building envelope and controlled.

Positioned on the external side of the building frame, with the cladding spaced from the membrane to allow a drainage path for moisture, Enviroseal™ membranes position the condensation surface beyond the building frame and insulation. With exceptionally high levels of vapour permeability combined with high water hold-out when joints are taped and lapped, the Enviroseal™ range allows moisture inside the building to escape without compromising airtight designs.

Minimise the Risk of Condensation

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