Want just a wrap, or the right wrap? Enviroseal is the wrap builders choose.

Enviroseal™ is the right wrap to control condensation and is suitable for use behind both brick veneer and lightweight clad walls. Enviroseal™ is classified as a water barrier and is a vapour permeable wall wrap in accordance with AS/NZS 4200.1.

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Uncover the facts:

Vapour Permeable is the right choice behind both brick veneer and lightweight cladding

Know the facts: 'Breather' products

Traditional ‘breather’ products are vapour barrier (impermeable) products that have been perforated with tiny holes to allow the transfer of air and water vapour. The process of perforating the membrane also removes the ability of the membrane to withstand air and water penetration, making it unsuitable for use behind most lightweight cladding materials unless specified otherwise by the cladding manufacturer materials which require a combination of low permeability and water barrier properties.

As illustrated below in Figure 1, once condensation (water vapour) exists in the building frame, traditional ‘breather’ products take a very long time to allow wood to dry-out to an acceptable level of moisture. This increases the risk of wood decay and mould growth within the building structure and increases the risk of associated health issues within the home.

Key facts - 'Breather' products

  • Low permeability in comparison to a truly vapour permeable product – typically hundreds of times less
  • Unable to prevent water entry – not ‘water barrier high’ (unclassified) – not recommended for lightweight cladding
  • Allows air transport, therefore may allow the entry of more water vapour from the outside environment

While datasheets clearly illustrate that vapour permeable membranes breathe better than perforated ‘breather’ foil products, the actual drying performance of wood is the key to protecting the building structure and reducing health issues associated with moisture content.

Know the facts - vapour permeable vs breather wall wraps

Figure 1: The drying performance of membranes

Drying performance of membranes experiment notes:  1. Experiment conducted by CSR Building Products Ltd. 2. Products tested included CSR Bradford and competitor products – 16 samples plus one control sample were tested over 30 weeks. 3. All samples were weighed at the commencement of the test and weekly to determine the change in moisture content. 4. All samples were exposed to the same ambient weather conditions and all joins were lapped and taped. 5. All results remain the property of CSR Building Products Ltd.

The solution is Enviroseal ProctorWrap

Enviroseal vapour permeable products allow water vapour molecules to easily pass through the film, but prevent the entry of liquid water. The result is a product that is ideal for fibre cement cladding as it allows the transport of many times more water vapour than a ‘breather’ product, prevents the entry of liquid water (rain or condensation) and also has the ability to prevent the transport of air which limits the passage of moisture.

Key facts - 'Vapour Permeable' products

  • Highly permeable in comparison to ‘breather’ products – typically hundreds of times more
  • Membrane prevents water entry – ‘water barrier high’ – suitable for use behind lightweight cladding
  • Prevents air transport, thereby limiting the entry of more water vapour by air from the external environment
Enviroseal proctorwrap

Vapour permeable membranes help to manage condensation risk by allowing water vapour to easily escape – reducing the risk of moisture accumulation in the building structure.

*In conjunction with sealed joins and penetrations.


  • Protects the frame and roof structure from the elements prior to the application of external cladding.
  • Improves on-site work flow efficiency by allowing internal trades to commence work before the external cladding is applied.


  • Reduces the risk of moisture and mould related issues compromising the structural integrity and health of the occupants.
  • Improves air tightness which in turn improves energy efficiency, but still allows vapour to escape without condensing on the inside of the building frame.
  • Protects the interior of the building from moisture and dust entry from the outside environment.

If in doubt choose vapour permeable

As condensation risk is difficult to predict and the consequences of condensation are not easy to manage after construction is completed, selecting a vapour permeable product is the recommended default solution. Further advice and project specific condensation prediction advice is available by contacting CSR Bradford on 1800 354 044 or via our enquiry form.

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