Wall Wrap and Roof Sarking Fixing Tapes and Accessories

Bradford's range of tapes and accessories are designed to complement our Enviroseal and Thermoseal wall wraps and roof sarking products, ensuring excellent long term adhesion properties.


Bradford ULTRAtape
Enviroseal Black Label Tape

Enviroseal Black Label Tape

Enviroseal Wall Wrap Black Label TapeEnviroseal™ Black Label Tape is a single sided adhesive tape recommended for use with the Enviroseal™ Wall Wrap BL vapour permeable construction membrane.

Designed specifically for use on open joint facades, sealing around doors, windows and pipes, Enviroseal Black Label Tape provides an exceptionally high initial grab, even in high humidity areas.

Enviroseal Black Label Tape can also be used as a repair tape for any accidental rips or tears that may occur to the membrane material. 

Enviroseal Double Sided Tape
Enviroseal HighTack Tape
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