Wall Wrap and Roof Sarking Fixing Tapes and Accessories

Bradford's range of tapes and accessories are designed to complement our Enviroseal and Thermoseal wall wraps and roof sarking products, ensuring excellent long term adhesion properties.


Bradford ULTRAtape

Bradford ULTRAtape

Bradford ULTRAtape is a hand tearable, reinforced tape with single sided adhesive which develops a high bond strength over time.

It is designed for use with pliable building membranes such as the Bradford Enviroseal and Thermoseal ranges of wall wrap and roof sarking products, and is suitable for sealing overlaps, joints, and penetrations, as well as repairing pliable building membranes.

Bradford ULTRAtape may also be used on concrete, steel, aluminium, timber, and window flashings where the material is sufficiently smooth.

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