Bradford Black - a different kind of insulation

What makes Bradford Black so different?

Bradford Black - hypoallergenic soft touch insulation - only approved insulation for Sensitive Choice

Bradford Black is approved by the National Asthma Council's Sensitive Choice program, making it suitable for use in homes of asthma and allergy sufferers.

Bradford Black is soft to touch

The first thing most people notice about Bradford Black is that it’s white. It’s also fluffy and very soft, like cotton wool.

Bradford Black is easy to install

Installation is easy for homeowners, handymen and builders. The batts are tightly compressed into lightweight packs for easy transport and storage. They retain their shape and rigidity for easier installation, and are soft to touch.

Bradford Black is Australian made

Bradford Black is manufactured in Australia by CSR Bradford using sustainable recycled glass. Like all products by CSR Bradford, Bradford Black insulation batts comply with all local standards. Click here to find out where to buy Bradford Black.



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Frequently asked questions

These are some of the common questions asked about thermal insulation and Bradford Black. If your question is not answered here, please get in touch with us.

Is Bradford Black made of glasswool?
Yes – the glasswool fibres in Bradford Black are essentially the same as those of other glasswool products like Bradford Gold Batts, Pink Batts and EarthWool.
Is Bradford Black safe for my family?
Absolutely. We know well insulated homes are healthier homes and people living in them live longer and get sick less often. Bradford Black provides this performance.
Why are Bradford Black glasswool batts soft to touch?
The binder used in Bradford Black has special properties which impacts on the stiffness of the fibres. This makes them less abrasive and therefore soft to touch when in contact with skin.
How do I install it?
The batts come compression packed and should be kept in their packaging and taken to the area where the product will be installed. Clear installation instructions are on the pack and are available on our website.
Are Bradford Black insulation batts easy to cut in both directions?
Yes – Bradford Black cuts easily along and across the batt in the same was as other glasswool batts. Bradford recommends using a sharp, retractable knife to cut Bradford Black batts as required.
Why are Bradford Black wall batts 420mm and 570mm wide instead of other equivalent products which are 430mm and 580mm wide respectively?
Australian construction practice typically builds homes with timber studs at 450mm or 600mm centres. The timber studs are typically 35mm wide, therefore the clear opening between studs is usually 415mm for 450 centres and 565mm for 600 centres. Standard wall batts are typically made 15mm oversized to help them stay in place. However, higher density wall batts (like Bradford Black R2.5 wall batts) will not compress easily into this restricted opening. Therefore the width of the batts has been reduced to make them easier to install. Note that the coverage achieved from batts which are 420 and 570mm are the same as those of batts which are 430 and 580 – as they fill the same opening between studs.
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