Enviroseal™ CW Wall Wrap

The Bradford range of Enviroseal wall wrap products provides a number of benefits to make a structure more comfortable and reduce the risk of condensation which can lead to mould.

Wall wraps are pliable building membranes that are applied to the outside of the building frame and offer benefits and protection during construction, as well as when the structure is complete.

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Use the table below to help select the most appropriate product or contact CSR Bradford for further assistance.

Application Product Material Characteristics
HIGH VAPOUR PERMEABILITY Residential Wall (RW) Residential Wall (RW) is a lightweight vapour permeable spunbond polyolefin membrane, with a ‘soft’ textile construction designed to reduce ‘wind flapping’ noise when exposed to applications that allow airflow through the cavity. Suitable for use with brick, timber or steel, this is a non-reflective, highly permeable product – 4.5µg/N.s.
Commercial Wall (CW) Commercial Wall (CW) is a lightweight vapour permeable product, with a tough spunbond polyolefin membrane designed for medium to high density construction where a tougher membrane is required during construction. Suitable for use with brick, timber or steel, this is a non reflective, highly permeable product – 4.2µg/N.s. 
Black Label (BL) Black Label (BL) with integrated tape is a light duty* vapour permeable wall wrap designed for use behind open or closed joint facades where a combination of high water holdout and a percentage open joint UV stability is required. Black Label is manufactured with a unique functional coating providing it with improved temperature resistance up to 120oC and is supplied with a purpose designed adhesive tape system pre-applied with release liners ready to allow easy installation. (Note that it is recommended that all open joint facade applications are also externally taped using Black Label tape to prevent wind deterioration.)

*In accordance with bursting strength.


Product Duty Roll Width (mm) Roll Length (m) m2 per roll Product Code
Enviroseal RW Light 1500 50 75 118153
    2750 25 68.75 138628
Enviroseal CW Light 1500 50 75 114175
Black Label (BL) - with Integrated Tape Light 1500 50 75 106703