Enviroseal™ CW Wall Wrap

The Bradford range of Enviroseal wall wrap products provides a number of benefits to make a structure more comfortable and reduce the risk of condensation which can lead to mould.

Wall wraps are pliable building membranes that are applied to the outside of the building frame and offer benefits and protection during construction, as well as when the structure is complete.

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Enviroseal™ Wall Wrap Accessories

Bradford's range of tapes are designed to complement Enviroseal products by offering high initial tack and excellent long term adhesion properties.

Where required and specified in the product Installation Guide, it is always advised that the recommended tapes are used with Enviroseal™ Wall Wrap products to ensure maximum performance and protection.


Product Width
per roll
Items per
Product Code
Bradford ULTRAtape 60 25 1.5 10 471825
High Tack Tape 60 25 1.5  10  155170 
Bradfix Plasti-Grip Washer 1000 136770

Bradford ULTRAtape

Bradford ULTRAtape is a hand tearable, reinforced tape with single sided adhesive which develops a high bond strength over time.

It is designed for use with pliable building membranes such as the Bradford Enviroseal and Thermoseal ranges of wall wrap and roof sarking products, and is suitable for sealing overlaps, joints, and penetrations, as well as repairing pliable building membranes.

Bradford ULTRAtape may also be used on concrete, steel, aluminium, timber, and window flashings where the material is sufficiently smooth.

High Tack Tape

Enviroseal Wall Wrap High Tack TapeHighTack Tape is a single sided aggressive adhesive tape with a high initial grab and flexible carrier.

It is ideal for use as an air and water tight seal on vapour permeable construction membranes and as a vapour barrier around pipes, windows, overlaps and penetrations.

HighTack Tape has good ageing resistance, long term flexibility and resistance to plasticizer migration. It is free of solvents, chlorine and formaldehyde. The elasticity of the HighTack Tape copes well with limited building movement and thermal expansion.

Suitable for use with:

  • PA, PE, PP films (smooth, light rough)
  • Aluminum foils
  • Fleece
  • OSB (Oriented strand board)
  • Coated timber
  • Chipboard
  • Plastics
  • Paperboards
  • Kraft papers
  • Wood
  • Glass
  • Metal

Bradfix Plasti-Grip Washer

Enviroseal Wall Wrap Plasti-Grip WasherBradfix Plasti-Grip washers are ideal for high wind environments or steel frame applications where a combination of screw and washer provide a more evenly distributed load on the membrane (suitable for all membranes).