Commercial Roof Sarking

Roof sarking is a protective second skin under your roof, installed when building a house, doing home extensions, a home renovation or roof restoration.

Roof sarking is a pliable laminated membrane that is positioned under your roof during installation by the builder and is rolled out in sections either parallel or perpendicular to the eaves with an overlap between each layer.

Roof sarking will protect the frame of your house from the weather during construction. When your home is completed, sarking will protect your roof cavity from storm driven rain and dust, improve its thermal performance, help it resist bushfire ember attack and reduce the risk of harmful condensation.

Thermoseal Roof Sarking

Non-Permeable Roof Sarking

Bradford Thermoseal

Thermoseal reflective foil roof sarking is a non-permeable, vapour barrier product designed to reduce the transmission of moisture into the home and contribute a reflective air gap R-Value to the roof system when positioned to adjacent to an inward or outward facing air cavity.

These products are recommended for use in warmer climates where they provide insulation against radiant heat and reduce the flow of water vapour from the outside environment into the home*

Key product features:
  • Improves the R-Value of the roof system by contributing a reflective air-gap R-Value – this can be up to RT1.8 (summer heat flow down down)
  • Reduces the transmission of water vapour through the building structure*
  • Improves energy efficiency by reducing draughts allowing insulation to work more effectively
  • Protects the building frame from decay by reducing the entry of wind driven rain and dust.

*If the membrane is to provide a continuous vapour barrier, all joins, penetrations and discontinuities should be sealed.

Thermoseal is like a survival blanketHow Thermoseal Roof Sarking Works

Thermoseal Roof Sarking - like a safety blanket for your house

A simple way to understand how reflective foil laminate membranes like Thermoseal work, is to compare them to a survival blanket.

The silver foil blanket helps regulate temperature, whilst at the same time providing protection from hot or cold weather, particularly where additional protection from wind and rain is also required.

Likewise, reflective foil sarking products can shield up to 95% of radiant heat away from the roof cavity space.

Thermoseal works under your roof tiles, like a protective second skin, helping make your home more comfortable and protecting the things you value from the weather.


Metal Roof Sarking

Thermoseal Product Duty Roll Width (mm) Roll Length (M) m2 per roll Product Code
Thermoseal Resiwrap Extra Heavy 1500 30 45 120121
    1350 30 40.5 108879
    1350 60 81 108004
Thermoseal 733MD Medium 1350 30 40.5 25489
    1350 60 91 15061
Thermoseal Roof Metal Wall Light 1350 30 40.5 105871
    1350 60 81 15056

Tiled Roof Sarking

Thermoseal Product  Duty Roll Width (mm) Roll Length (M) m2 per roll Product Code
Thermoseal Roof Tile Plus Extra Heavy 1500 30 45 27308
    1500 20 30 40515
Thermoseal Roof Tile Heavy 1500 30 45 15110
Thermoseal Firespec Extra HD 1500 30 45 164674
Enviroseal™ Wrap
Roof Sarking Fixing Tapes
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