Acoustigard - Acoustic Glasswool

Acoustigard is a glasswool fibre insulation specifically engineered to reduce sound transmission in walls and ceilings. The product comes in a range of densities and is also certified as a thermal insulation for non-combustible external walls.


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Acoustigard Partition Rolls have been designed to provide long term thermal and acoustic control for internal partition wall and ceiling assemblies and offer a broad range of thicknesses and densities to suit most applications. Acoustigard Partition Rolls are deemed non-combustible when tested to AS1530.1, making them versatile to be used in all cavities; internal wall cavities, ceiling voids, computer false floor voids and in those external walls needing to have all elements deemed non-combustible whilst complementing the requirements of BCA/NCC Section F5 and J.

Thermal compliance to AS/NZS4859.1, also provides confidence to acoustic specifications as this standard establishes and controls the products variables such as; thickness, density, and fibre diameter. Control of these variables ensures that Acoustigard Partition Rolls provide repeatable performance both thermally and acoustically. Acoustigard will not slump in the wall cavity, ensuring that there are no unwanted voids or cavities that can lead to the loss of thermal and acoustic performance.

Bradford Acoustigard Partition Rolls can improve Rw and Rw+Ctr acoustic ratings when installed with Gyprock plasterboard and Hebel, ensuring effective isolation and separation of living and working spacing.

Typical applications include external walls, ceiling overlays and partition walls.


Insulation for Non-Combustible Walls

The use of non-combustible components in high-rise external facades is critical in preventing the vertical spread of fire, this includes insulation.

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