Optimo Underfloor Insulation

CSR Bradford's Optimo™ is the highest rated underfloor insulation for suspended timber floors, keeping homes warmer and reducing energy costs through winter.

Benefits include:

  • Keeps your home warmer by retaining the heat
  • Reduces your heating energy use
  • Helps keep your home quieter
  • Low allergen
  • Simple and easy to install

CSR Bradford’s Optimo is an Australian made product that provides superior underfloor insulation benefits. Optimo boasts the highest rated underfloor insulation (R2.5 and R2.1) which compares favourably with other common underfloor products which are only R1.4. This means Optimo will work harder at keeping heat within the home and maximising the energy efficiency of the home’s heating appliances.

Optimo colour houseKeeps your home warmer

Optimo underfloor insulation helps reduce heat loss in winter through suspended timber floors. It works in the same way as ceiling insulation does, with the additional benefit of helping to stop draughts entering through timber floors. Optimo helps to keep homes snug in winter.

Reduces your heating energy use

Optimo helps to reduce heat loss in the same way as closing a window in winter. When heat is retained within the home it allows you to run heaters and air conditioners on lower settings. When these appliances work more efficiently they save you on reduced energy costs.

Helps keep your home quieter

External noise can enter your home anywhere that air can, even through suspended floors. Optimo acts as acoustic as well as thermal insulation. And by helping to reduce reverberation in suspended timber floors, Optimo provides a more solid feel underfoot.

Easy to install

Optimo has been designed to fit snugly between the floor joists to make installation easy. It can be fitted to new homes from above the joists using the unique Optimo Saddle system or easily fitted to existing floors from underneath the floor using the Optimo strap system. For more information, see our How to Install Optimo tab.

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