Enviroseal ProctorWrap wall wrap

The Bradford Enviroseal ProctorWrap range of construction fabrics represent the latest in moisture control, vapour permeable water tight membranes.

Enviroseal ProctorWrap products are highly vapour permeable products that allow water vapour to pass through them, whilst preventing the entry of liquid water and dust from outside. When used in colder climates where there is more moisture inside the home than outside, they allow moisture in the air to pass through the membrane before condensing to water (condensation) safely on the outside of the building frame where it does not damage the home.

These products are recommended for use in colder climates where the risk of condensation formation increases as the temperature of the outside environment falls, while the inside of the home is heated.

The benefits of Enviroseal Wall Wrap


Permeability Performance Comparison

Permeability Performance Comparison

The higher the vapour permeability, the easier it is for moisture to pass through the membrane.

The Enviroseal ProctorWrap range of products is one of the most permeable product ranges on the market, making it easier for water vapour to pass through it. As shown on the chart, Bradford Enviroseal ProctorWrap products are highly permeable, helping to protect your home.

Permeability Performance Comparison

Enviroseal ProctorWrap Wall Wrap
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