Build faster with RapidWrap

Build faster with reverse building

During the construction phase of your home, wall wrap can make the building process more efficient by allowing some internal trades to commence work before completion of the external cladding or if bad weather interrupts the build. This is called a ‘reserve build” process and allows the internal rough-in of electrical and plumbing, wall batt installation, Gyprock linings and some internal trims to continue while the external bricks or cladding is being applied.

As wall wrap is a pliable building membrane certified in accordance with AS/NZS4200.1, it is typically a high water barrier and offers excellent weather protection, allowing trades to continue inside even if work cannot continue outside. In some States such as Victoria, this practice has been in use for decades and can save from 2 to 4 weeks from a typical build cycle. Not only is the construction time generally quicker, the home benefits from the additional protection and thermal performance benefits of wall wrap, as well as the option of selecting additional condensation protection with vapour permeable wraps.

To further improve construction time, CSR Bradford also offer the RapidWrap ½ day wall wrap system to approved distributors and installers. This patented clamp-on scaffolding systems allows our qualified team of installers to wrap a typical 2 storey home in ½ a day without the need for cumbersome and costly ground based scaffolding. Check-out our time lapse video below and see just how quick it is to wrap your home!

For more information on selecting the right wall wrap for your home, check-out the Wall Wrap Selection Guide.