SoundScreen Acoustic Insulation

CSR Bradford’s SoundScreen is Australia’s most trusted sound insulation to reduce noise transfer around the home, with added temperature control.

Benefits include:

  • Reduce noise transfer between rooms and through external walls
  • Helps isolate rooms for a quieter home
  • Provides thermal insulation, reducing your energy use
  • Limit noise transfer in 2 storey homes between first and second floor
  • Low allergen – National Asthma Council Sensitive Choice® partner
  • Backed by a 70 year product warranty

The best time to install SoundScreen is at the time of construction or during a renovation.

How SoundScreen works
Installation help

SoundScreen installation help

Join Walt from Healthy Homes TV as he and series builder James Bawden retrofit a wall between a master bedroom and living area with SoundScreen acoustic insulation batts and Gyprock Soundchek, helping the homeowners keep the house noise away from their sleeping baby. 

Also, check out James Mason from Our Build explaining the Soundscreen installation process.

You can also go to straight to our YouTube channel to see these and other videos on SoundScreen and the full range of Bradford Insulation products.

Click here to download the SoundScreen installation guide or here to get a free quote for SoundScreen installation in your home.

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