SoundScreen Acoustic Insulation

CSR Bradford’s SoundScreen is Australia’s most trusted sound insulation to reduce noise transfer around the home, with added temperature control.

Benefits include:

  • Reduce noise transfer between rooms and through external walls
  • Helps isolate rooms for a quieter home
  • Provides thermal insulation, reducing your energy use
  • Limit noise transfer in 2 storey homes between first and second floor
  • Low allergen – National Asthma Council Sensitive Choice® partner
  • Backed by a 70 year product warranty

The best time to install SoundScreen is at the time of construction or during a renovation.

How SoundScreen works
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Frequently asked questions

These are some of the common questions asked about acoustic insulation. If your question is not answered here, please get in touch with us.

What is acoustic insulation?
Acoustic insulation is used in residential homes to reduce noise transmission between rooms. SoundScreen is typically used in internal walls, mid floors or even external walls to create a quieter and more comfortable home. SoundScreen is ideal to use around home theatres, bedrooms, bathrooms, laundries, home offices, kids rooms, games rooms or any where you want to isolate noise within your home.
How does it work?
Bradford SoundScreen is high density insulation that absorbs sound waves, reducing the sound power travelling from one room to the next. It won't soundproof a room but will significantly reduce the effect of noise, creating a more peaceful home.

Bradford SoundScreen also has thermal properties. Each SoundScreen product has an R-value printed on the label which is particularly important when using in external walls or ceilings to comply with energy efficiency requirements of the Building Code of Australia. The higher the R-value, the better the insulation properties, increasing the energy efficiency of your home.
What is it made from?
SoundScreen is a mineral wool acoustic insulation product made from around 65% recycled glass, sand and various other raw materials, and spun using world-class fiberising technology. It is manufactured wholly in Australia.
Is SoundScreen safe for my family?
Bradford SoundScreen is made from inert raw materials that resist fire and pose no health risk to you or your family. Bradford is the only approved insulation partner of the National Asthma Council Australia Sensitive Choice program.

Bradford SoundScreen is suitable for use in the homes of asthma and allergy sufferers. SoundScreen insulation does not provide a food source for insects or vermin.
How can I install SoundScreen?
As Soundscreen is used in walls and mid-floors, the best time to install SoundScreen is at the time of construction or during a home renovation. For a minimal investment SoundScreen will have a long lasting effect on the liveability of the home over its lifetime.

It is possible to retrofit SoundScreen into existing internal and external walls but this requires the replacement of your plasterboard, which should only be done by a professional tradesman. Contact us for a referral to a suitable Gyprock installer.
I have noisy neighbours. Can I use SoundScreen on external fencing?
Unfortunately SoundScreen is not suitable for this application. However, you can create more privacy for your home and reduce external noise by using Hebel PowerFence around your home. It’s easy to install and can be rendered or painted to enhance your home design.
Is SoundScreen right for me?
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