Enviroseal Black Label Wall Wrap fixing tapes and accessories

Enviroseal Wall Wrap tapes are designed to complement the Enviroseal products by offering high initial tack and excellent long term adhesion properties.

Where required and specified in the product Installation Guide, it is always recommended that only Enviroseal™ tapes are used with Enviroseal™ Wall Wrap products to ensure maximum performance and protection.

Enviroseal Wall Wrap Black Label Tape
Enviroseal Wall Wrap Duo Tape

Enviroseal Wall Wrap Duo Tape

Enviroseal™ Wall Wrap SLS Duo Tape is a double sided aggressive adhesive tape with a high initial grab and flexible carrier.  

It is ideal for use as a positioning and temporary attachment method between vapour permeable construction wraps and building frames during construction.

Enviroseal™ Wall Wrap SLS Duo Tape is not designed as a permanent attachment method and must be replaced by battens or cladding fasteners within a suitable time frame to prevent degradation by wind. Application of Enviroseal™ Wall Wrap SLS Plain Tape or Black Label Tape is recommended for all lap joints once the vapour permeable membrane is in place.

Enviroseal Wall Wrap HighTack Tape
Enviroseal Wall Wrap PlastiGrip Washer