Bradford Black - a different kind of insulation

What makes Bradford Black so different?

Bradford Black - hypoallergenic soft touch insulation - only approved insulation for Sensitive Choice

Bradford Black is approved by the National Asthma Council's Sensitive Choice program, making it suitable for use in homes of asthma and allergy sufferers.

Bradford Black is soft to touch

The first thing most people notice about Bradford Black is that it’s white. It’s also fluffy and very soft, like cotton wool.

Bradford Black is easy to install

Installation is easy for homeowners, handymen and builders. The batts are tightly compressed into lightweight packs for easy transport and storage. They retain their shape and rigidity for easier installation, and are soft to touch.

Bradford Black is Australian made

Bradford Black is manufactured in Australia by CSR Bradford using sustainable recycled glass. Like all products by CSR Bradford, Bradford Black insulation batts comply with all local standards. Click here to find out where to buy Bradford Black.



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We love to hear what our customers think of new soft-touch, easy installation Bradford Black as they use it all around Australia. If you’d like to leave us a review, please use our contact form. Thanks!

Bill (WA - Esteem Ceilings)
Bradford Black feels good. We put in 250m2 of insulation yesterday, no dramas. We didn't go home itchy as not much fibre dropped - it’s done well.

We used to use Earthwool but it doesn’t hold its form, when you open up the bag it stays flat, Black takes its full-size straightaway which is good, then the client sees it and they’re happy with it. It was really easy to install and it'll fill the space. We'll be using Bradford Black again for sure.
Adrienne Abidin (NSW – Commercial architect)
I'm an architect and do a lot of commercial buildings and always specify Bradford, so when I saw a new Bradford product I thought I'd try it for a residential property I own.

Only recently installed it so I can’t speak to performance, but the handling is quite easy, as well as the cutting, compared to Earthwool. Earthwool is a bit soft when you put it into the wall, whereas Black fills the whole wall. It’s almost like a form and is easy to cut with a sharp knife. The product is good for handling.

I ordered online from Insulfix which was very easy, and the delivery guy was very helpful, he called an hour beforehand as requested and arrived on time.

Black is is soft, easy to handle and sturdy. When I've opened a package of Earthwool I was disappointed as it doesn’t fill up the gap - it’s too floppy. As an architect, I know it’s important to fill all the gaps, in the long term Earthwool will drop slowly to the ground. And it’s no use if it doesn’t fill up the whole space.

Bradford Black is worth it for the price because it works.
George Hobart (Builder - NSW)
I saw Bradford Black rel="noopener noreferrer" as a new product on the Insulfix website and thought try it out, see what it's like.

I tend to choose different insulation for different jobs, depending on the requirements. For this, I'm putting up a ceiling and don't want to get covered in itches. Bradford Black feels nice and soft and doesn't shed much at all. For the right job it's a good thing, saves you time because you're not constantly worrying about getting itchy. It holds the form well too. I like it and will definitely use it again.