Natspec LogoImprove your specifications with Bradford’s NATSPEC branded worksection specification template for thermal insulation and pliable membranes.

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NATSPEC is a national not-for-profit organisation that is owned by the design, build, construct and property industry through professional associations and government property groups.

NATSPEC is the preferred specification system for major building professionals, and maintains the National Classification System to assist specification writers organise the content of specifications, and their users to find the information they need.

NATSPEC provides specification templates to its subscribers of over 1500 consultant offices and agencies around Australia, who rely on the on the NATSPEC subscription for the most up to date information to make sure their specifications represent best professional practice.

In addition, NATSPEC also works with industry Product Partners to develop Branded worksections, which are based on the associated NATSPEC generic worksection and shares the same classification number. Branded worksections are free to download and use, and are produced as a MS Word document Template which follows the NATSPEC style and can be customised.

NATSPEC Download - 0471p CSR BRADFORD in thermal insulation and pliable membranes

0471p CSR BRADFORD in thermal insulation and pliable membranes is applicable to CSR Bradford’s insulation, roof system and pliable membrane products for thermal insulation and condensation control, for roofs ceiling, walls and floor insulation applications. This branded worksection mainly relies on AS 3999, AS/NZS 4200.1, AS/NZS 4200.2 and AS/NZS 4859.1. Please click on the links below to download.

Download Word Document - Thermal

Download PDF Document - Thermal

NATSPEC Download - 0472p CSR BRADFORD in acoustic insulation

0472p CSR BRADFORD in acoustic insulation is applicable to CSR Bradford’s acoustic insulation products for floors, walls and ceilings to reduce the transmission of airborne and impact sound between individual rooms. Please click on the links below to download.

Download Word Document - Acoustic

Download PDF Document - Acoustic

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