Thermoseal Firespec and Facing Foils

Bradford Thermoseal

Bradford Thermoseal offers a wide range of facing foils that provide an additional layer of reflective insulation on glasswool products.

Thermoseal Firespec
Light Duty Facing (729)
Medium Duty Facing (730)
Heavy Duty Facing (750)
Heavy Duty Perforated Facing (750PERF)
Heavy Duty Pliable Facing (756)

Bradford Thermoseal Heavy Duty Pliable Facing (756) is a pliable, heavy duty plain facing foil designed for applications where the surface to be covered is gently curved (such as sectional pipe insulation - SPI) or additional flexibility over the 750HD product is required.

It is a heavy weight, plain aluminium foil product consisting of two outer layers of aluminium foil bonded to kraft paper with a flame retardant adhesive reinforced with a fibreglass woven yarn to provide a high strength, yet pliable product.

Features and Benefits

  • Ideally suited as a heavy duty facing of insulation material for industrial equipment, pipe sections and air conditioning ductwork
  • Heavy duty classification, yet pliable enough to allow application to gently curved surfaces
  • High vapour barrier material suitable for use in applications requiring moisture control (in conjunction with taped joints)
  • Highly durable and easy to handle


Thermoseal Heavy Duty Facing Foil is primarily designed for internal use applications where additional pliability is required to match the gentle curvature of the application surface, although it may still be used as a Glasswool or Rockwool facing for thermal applications. It has a high vapour barrier classification with a tough construction and is ideal for internal applications such as wrapping SPI or use around circular HVAC ducts.

Consideration should be given to exposed or aesthetic applications as the pliable nature of the facing may reflect or enhance creases or gird lines for safety mesh. For smoother surface finishes consider Thermoseal 750HD as this material provides a flatter finish appearance.


m2 per
Rolls per 
1000 60 60 33 125037
1000 300 300 5 125093
1200 60 72 33 123384
1200 300 360 5 124648
Black 1000 300 300 5 130911
Black 1200 300 360 5 130889

For product performance data, please download a copy of the product data sheet.


WARNING: Aluminium foil conducts electricity. To avoid electrocution care should be taken to ensure Thermofoil products do not come into contact with electrical wiring during installation or use.


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