Thermoseal Facing Foil

Bradford Thermoseal

Bradford Thermoseal Facing Foil is a reflective foil, ideal for installation as a separate sarking to compliment building insulation under metal deck roofing to act as a vapour barrier and protect against condensation.

Thermoseal Firespec

Bradford Thermoseal FireSpec is considered a non-combustible wall wrap/roof sarking that meets the non-combustibility requirements of BCA 2016, Volume 1, Amendment 1 clause C1.9 (e) (vi) and Volume 2 clause, or where there is a requirement to construct from non-combustible materials. Thermoseal Firespec is a single sided reflective foil laminate constructed from pure aluminium foil and a white high temperature woven glass fabric which achieves a high water holdout classification and is rated as an extra heavy duty sarking.

Features and Benefits

  • Non-combustible in accordance with BCA 2016 Volume 1, Amendment 1 clause C1.9 (e) (vi) and Volume 2 clause
  • Suitable for use in BAL zones 12.5 to FZ
  • Ideal as a wall wrap or roof sarking where non-combustible construction is specified
  • Manufactured from a high quality woven e-glass fabric


Recommended for applications requiring a non-combustible wall wrap or roof sarking and where the use of a medium vapour barrier product will not increase condensation risk - seek expert advice if in doubt.

Not suitable for use behind lightweight cladding unless specified by manufacturer - consider the Enviroseal range as an alternative.


m2 per
Rolls per
1500 30 45 104 164674

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