Enviroseal CW Wall Wrap

The Bradford range of Enviroseal wall wrap products provides a number of benefits to make a structure more comfortable and reduce the risk of condensation which can lead to mould.

Wall wraps are pliable building membranes that are applied to the outside of the building frame and offer benefits and protection during construction, as well as when the structure is complete.

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Permeability Performance Comparison

Permeability Performance Comparison

The higher the vapour permeability, the easier it is for moisture to pass through the membrane.

The Enviroseal Wall Wrap range of products is one of the most permeable product ranges on the market, making it easier for water vapour to pass through it. As shown on the chart, Bradford Enviroseal Wall Wrap products are highly permeable, helping to minimise the risk of condensation.

Permeability Performance Comparison

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