Commercial Roof Sarking

Roof sarking is a protective second skin under your roof, installed when building a house, doing home extensions, a home renovation or roof restoration.

Roof sarking is a pliable laminated membrane that is positioned under your roof during installation by the builder and is rolled out in sections either parallel or perpendicular to the eaves with an overlap between each layer.

Roof sarking will protect the frame of your house from the weather during construction. When your home is completed, sarking will protect your roof cavity from storm driven rain and dust, improve its thermal performance, help it resist bushfire ember attack and reduce the risk of harmful condensation.

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Benefits of Roof Sarking
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Permeability Performance Comparison

Permeability Performance Comparison

The higher the vapour permeability, the easier it is for moisture to pass through the membrane.

The Enviroseal range of products is one of the most permeable product ranges on the market, making it easier for water vapour to pass through it. As shown on the chart, Bradford Enviroseal products are highly permeable, helping to protect your home.

Managing the risk of condensation

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