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Bradford Anticon is foil-faced insulation blanket specifically designed for temperature & noise control in homes and buildings with metal roofs.

It is comprised of a glasswool blanket adhered to an impermeable reinforced reflective foil facing. This reduces radiant heat entering a home during summer, and helps prevent condensation in winter.

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FM Approved Anticon FC

FM Approved per Approval Standard 4880

Bradford Anticon FC is a premium range specifically developed and tested to meet specific fire performance to FM Approvals Standard 4880, for Class 1 Fire Rating, beyond meeting minimum Deemed-to‑Satisfy requirements.

Bradford Anticon Blanket consists of a bulk insulation blanket adhered to Light Duty (LD) Reflective Foil Laminate (RFL) facing. The bulk insulation blanket is manufactured by spinning molten glass, containing up to 65% recycled content, into fine wool like fibres. These are bonded together using plant-based binders. The RFL facing typically extends 150mm beyond one longitudinal edge of the blanket to provide an overlap for sealing the blankets.


Anticon FC Blanket is designed to provide efficient acoustic and thermal insulation as well as condensation control under metal deck, fibre cement and concrete roofs in residential or commercial applications. Anticon FC can also substantially reduce reverberant noise within a building.

Typical applications include;

  • Residential and commercial metal clad roofs
  • Commercial and industrial fibre cement roofs e.g. offices, shopping centres and warehouses
  • Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) – The insulation blanket is ideally suited to sealing ember entry points at ridges, valleys and fascia’s.

The key performance benefits of Bradford Anticon FC

  • FM Approved: FM approved to Class 1 Fire Rating Class Number 4880
  • Acoustic insulation: Reduce unwanted airborne noise such as aircraft or traffic and also provide a damping effect to reduce impact noise such as rain or hail
  • Thermal insulation: Slow the heat gain in summer and reduce the loss of warmth from inside a building in winter
  • Condensation control: Reduce the risk of the occurrence of condensation formation under your metal roof which can cause damage to plasterboard ceilings and mould growth
  • Fire performance: Meets the BAL (Bushfire Attack Level) requirement for metal clad roofs in bushfire areas.
  • By reducing temperature variation, Anticon assists in minimising ‘metal creeping noises’ which can occur in buildings with metal components


Anticon FC products are faced with light duty foil and available in a wide range of material R-Values to suit a range of building applications. The following Bradford Anticon FC roofing blankets are certified and approved by FM Global, to Class 1 Fire Rating, FM Approvals Standard 4880.

Product Base Blanket
Nominal Thickness
Standard Size
(m x mm)
m2 per roll
Light Duty Foil
Anticon 60 R1.3 60 15m x 1200mm 18
Anticon 70 R1.4 70 15m x 1200mm 18
Anticon 80 R1.8 80 15m x 1200mm 18
Anticon 100 R2.3 100 10m x 1200mm 12
Anticon 110 R2.5 110 10m x 1200mm 12
Anticon 130 R3.0 130 10m x 1200mm 12
Anticon 140 R3.3 140 7.5m x 1200mm 9
Anticon 145 R3.6 145 7.5m x 1200mm 9
Anticon 100HP R2.5 100 10m x 1200mm 12

1 R-Value refers to the base Glasswool blanket only, as tested in accordance with AS/NZS4589.1. The overall system or total R-Value is dependent on the type of construction. For guidance on full system performance refer to the DesignSmart online calculator at or the ICANZ Thermal Insulation handbook available from or contact your Bradford office.

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Bradford offers a 70 year warranty on our products when installed in accordance with directions.
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