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Do you want to determine the minimum NCC 2016 Deemed-to-Satisfy (DTS) performance for your project?
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Please refer to the energy assessment for your project for thermal performance requirement targets.
Roof Pitch Roof Pitch must be between 1 and 30.
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Input Material R-Value
Summer Winter
Outdoor Air Film {{result.OutsideAirFilm.Summer}} {{result.OutsideAirFilm.Winter}}
Metal Roof {{result.RoofType.Summer| number:2}} {{result.RoofType.Winter|number:2}}
Air Cavity {{result.FirstAirSpace.Summer| number:2}} {{result.FirstAirSpace.Winter| number:2}}
Roof Insulation or Sarking {{result.RoofInsulationType.Summer| number:2}} {{result.RoofInsulationType.Winter|number:2}}
Roof Cavity (size in mm) Roof Cavity must be greater than or equal to 20mm. {{result.SecondAirSpace.Summer| number:2}} {{result.SecondAirSpace.Winter| number:2}}
Ceiling Insulation {{result.CeilingInsulationType.Summer | number:2}} {{result.CeilingInsulationType.Winter | number:2}}
Ceiling Lining {{result.CeilingLiningType.Summer | number:2}} {{result.CeilingLiningType.Winter | number:2}}
Indoor Air Film {{result.InsideAirFilm.Summer | number:2}} {{result.InsideAirFilm.Winter | number:2}}
Total R-Value {{result.SystemThermalPerformance.Summer | number:1}} {{result.SystemThermalPerformance.Winter | number:1 }}
DTS System Requirement {{formData.DTSSummerValue}} {{formData.DTSWinterValue}}
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