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Learn about improving home energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Here are a few handy tips about how insulation can help households become more comfortable, while using less energy and helping our environment.

1. Install wall batts for year round comfort

Appropriate thermal insulation makes heating or cooling homes easier and more economical.

2. Install ceiling insulation for year round comfort

Bradford’s range of Gold Insulation for ceilings is available in a variety of R-values to suit all climate zones. We’ve recently developed the R7.0 batt, which can provide the highest levels of thermal comfort currently available to Australian homeowners.

3. Install roof vents for a healthier home

Installing 1-2 roof vents is a simple and cost effective way to reduce heat build up in your roof space in summer. Ventilation also helps your air conditioner work more efficiently by distributing evenly throughout the home.

4. Install door and window seals to minimise draughts

Sealing up with door and window seals is a smart way to further improve the energy efficiency of your home.

5. Insulate under your floor boards for added comfort

Prevent heat loss through your floor boards by installing insulation. Insulation also helps absorb noise transfer.

6. Insulate your pipes for added energy savings

Save on energy costs by insulating around hot and cold water pipes. Easy to install, it also helps avoid unnecessary burns and accidents!

7. Double glaze your windows for more comfortable homes

Install double glazing to windows, or shade your windows against the summer sun with trees, awnings or curtains.

8. Keep your windows and doors closed during summer

Prevent unnecessary heat from entering the home, by closing doors and windows during the midday heat of summer. Installing seals around the door frames will reduce this even more.

9. Close the doors to unused rooms during winter

By closing the doors of unused rooms, you’ll help prevent unnecessary heat loss, meaning your heater will not have to work as hard.

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A well-insulated home can cut your energy bills by up to half. Understand how this works.

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